ARB Weekend in English

ARB WEEKEND 2023 in Uppsala is CANCELED and moved until autumn in SKARABORG! – Keep an eye on the website! !!


ArbWeekend is an educational live event for arborists and climbing tree fellers. Arborists who hold ETW or ISA Certification receive CEU points etc. after their participation in the ARB Weekend.

The theme of the weekend is Ash disease and ELM disease.

Is there a future for our Great Ashes and Elms in the urban environment. What do the prospects look like for them and is research progressing?. Is there any cure?. Vaccination of elms – what does the documentation and follow-up say about it?.
How are the city trees in Uppsala?.

ARB Weekend is a free event and we are in great need of suitable sponsors in the tree care industry, tree care companies who can think of sponsoring and being there when the event takes place. More information about sponsorship.

At ARBWeekend you meet and get to know new and old colleagues – future partners and new friends


Karin Wågström

I was born and raised in Örnsköldsvik. After my forestry technician degree in 1980, I worked at SLU in Garpenberg and then I moved to Gotland and became a teacher at a forestry school. In 1983, I was employed by the Swedish Forest Service on the island and continued to work there in the forestry authority until my retirement in the summer of 2022.

During the years at the Swedish Forestry Agency/Skogsstyrelsen, I have worked with, among other things, forest inventory and forestry plans, forest management issues, forest damage, key biotope inventory and consultancy. During the years 2011–2020 I was also deputy district manager.

In 2005 elm disease was discovered on Gotland and since then and until my retirement, I have, along with other tasks, also worked on how elm disease can be fought on the island. During the years 2013–2018, I had the role of project manager for LifeELMIAS, a Life+ Nature project with funding from the EU. The main aim of the project was to combat elm disease on Gotland. The project also contained many other activities linked to both elm disease and ash shoot disease.

Per Stjernberg arborist

Per Stjernberg, arborist, is tree manager at Stockholm’s city cemetery administration, which manages over 400 elms in environments protected by the Cultural Environment Act. He will talk about his experiences in managing an elm stand.

Jan Stenlid

Professor in Forest Pathology



Jan Stenlid’s publications (pdf)

Jan Stenlid’s CV (pdf)

Research interests:

  • Infection biology of forest pathogens including molecular mechanisms and species specificity
  • Resistance biology of conifers
  • Systematics and molecular identification of wood inhabiting fungi
  • Biodiversity, succession and interactions of fungi
  • Forest and ecosystem management
  • Population biology and population genetics of fungi 
  • Fungal genomics
  • Invasive species in forest ecosystems

Joe Stockton

Practicing arborist with 15 years experience. Tree climbing and splicing instructor. Teufelberger Tree Care ambassador and product development team member. Special interest in teaching work site safety and rope-work skills such as SRT and rigging.

I will deliver a workshop on equipment inspection, component compatibility, correct applications for climbing and rigging equipment, and an explanation of some of the terms we see on our tree care equipment, such as EN numbers, Work Load Limits, Cycles to failure.